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LP Record

"LP Record" is the same length and width as "Record 288" and It's bound in Italian cow hide.
However, This model has "Un-trimmed edge" like a well-thumbed dictionary and 600 pages. It is suitable as a diary.

  • Handmade in Japan
  • Italian cow hide, "Toscana" cover(Not removable, Color: Black, Brown)
  • High quality Paper "Tomoe River"(Ruled, Plain)
  • Acid free Materials(Papers, Glue, Sewing thread etc.)
  • Un-trimmed edge like a well-thumbed dictionary
  • Open flat
  • Bookmark ribbon
  • 600 pages*1, H135mm*W92mm*D30mm

*1 The first 2 pages and last 2 pages are Fly leaf's. Total 600 pages exclude these Fly leaf's. As Fly leaf's are glued to the spine of the notebook with a cloth strip, you will look a part of a cloth strip. LP Record is comparatively heavy. Therefore, Papers must be attached to the cover firmly. In this regard, Fly leaf's play an important role.

How to order

PRICE: JPY 8.925 yen(With a bookmark ribbon)
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LP Record
LP Record Open flat
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Our leather-bound notebooks are handmade by Mr. Yoshino, who is Japanese designer and craftsman too.
Our high-quality notebooks are due largely to his skills.
Using bookbinding techniques, signatures are sewn by hand without cutting corners.
The signatures are bound in luxury genuine leather by hand and finally, a luxury notebook is born.
The signatures are sewn together by "Papillon Toji(Papillon sewing)".
"Papillon Toji" is a process of bookbinding which the book designer Ms. Kumiko Tochiori developed.
It is a fusion of European bookbinding and Japanese traditional bookbinding.

LP Record has 600 pages and weighs more than other models.
Therefore, the paper block is reinforced with "Pig skin".

Production scene1Production scene2
Production scene3Production scene4
With Pig Skin

Luxury Leather Cover

The cover is made of high quality Italian Cow Hide "Toscana", which is a product of I.P. Valdarno International in Italy.
"Toscana" is vegetable tanned leather and Nature-friendly.
It has beautiful 'LEATHER TEXTURE' and was given plenty of oil to turn soft and supple leather.
You can enjoy soft touch feeling whenever you use your notebook.
Soft leather Cover helps your easy open and close.

Toscana leather

High Quality Paper

We select high quality writing paper "Tomoe River" for our leather-bound notebook.("Tomoe River" is a product of Tomoegawa Co., Ltd in Japan).
"Tomoe River" is very thin, feather-weight, smooth and acid free.
Suitable for various writing instruments, and there's no feathering, no bleed-through with fountain pens.
We have two layout papers. You can choose "Ruled" or "Plain" for your notebook. The ruled line on the paper is our custom-designed.("Tomoe River" as raw material is without ruled line.)

Model 288 layout
BindingWritting Test

Acid Free

We select acid free materials for our leather-bound notebook.
Papers, Glue*1, Sewing Thread, Cardboard*2, Inside cover, most of materials are acid free(About pH7).
Because of acid free materials, You can keep important notes for a long time.
We pay mind to materials used for an invisible part.

*1 We use "Yamato Nori" and "Jade403" mainly . "Yamato Nori" is made from natural starch. "Jade403" is designed specifically for bookbinding, conservation and fine art applications.
*2 To provide strength to the cover and prevent the influence of acid, we select AF Hardboard.

GlueInside cover

Custom Made

You can choose:
  Leather cover color: Black or Brown
  Page Layout: Plain or Ruled(6.5mm)
  Bookmark ribbon color: Black, Brown, Cream Yellow, Charcoal Gray
  With a elastic closure: + JPY 105 yen
  Without a bookmark ribbon: - JPY 105 yen

Model 288 Bookmark ribbonBookmark ribbon color
Edge of LP Record


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