1. Select quantity to purchase, if need, Options also.
To recalculate, click "Reset" and select again.

Product Name Unit price Qty. Sub total
Record 216 JPY 3,780 yen JPY yen
Record 288 JPY 4,935 yen JPY yen
Record 336 JPY 9,450 yen JPY yen
LP Record JPY 8,925 yen JPY yen
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Sub Total JPY yen
Total Weight g
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JPY yen
Total JPY yen

2. Select your currency and click "Convert".

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* When Subtotal is over JPY 20,000 yen, Postage will not be calculated.
* Sometimes automatically-calculated "Total Weight" is far different from actual weight. But, It is not necessarily "Your Postage" is calculated by automatically-calculated "Total Weight".
* Calculation result by "Currency Conversion" is not actual payment amount by PayPal.